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A Passion for Snowboarding and the Environment
Moah was founded in 2002 when they started selling homemade t shirts at Portobello market in London. Those were amazing days full of a creative buzz that have stayed with the company ever since.
There couldn’t have been a better starting point for a brand and they got to meet so many people, all of whom gave direct feedback about designs and ideas. Getting face to face with customers like this was invaluable and allowed them to find out what people liked and wanted. These humble roots shaped the brand and company and reinforced our desire to create an environmentally and socially responsible business.
A passion for snowboarding and the outdoors, coupled with the fact that they could never find the sort of gear that they wanted to wear lead to a logical progression. Rather than hanging around waiting for someone else to make better outerwear, they would do it themselves! This was a pretty daunting challenge compared to making your own t shirts, but the more difficult people told them it would be, the more determined they became to create a truly independent brand that wasn’t owned by some faceless corporation, masquerading as a lifestlye brand that cares about its customers and the outdoors. Moah outerwear was alive and kicking!

Projects like this move them a step closer to their ultimate ambition. You can run a successful and ethical / responsible business that benefits the world around it, rather than just exploiting the planet and getting rich in the process. These are lofty ambitions and Moah is very much a work in progress.
So this is Moah, a truly independent, responsible, British snowboarding brand run by passionate people. They love what they do, so expect to see and hear a lot more from them over the coming year.

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